Friday, May 9, 2014

~ Engaged!

     Once upon a time in a far away land, there was a fair princess...  and then there was the poor dude who eventually got the girl outta no fate of his own doing... ok so you've all heard the story so I'm not going to bore you with all the sappy details, lol.  :)
        March 28th 2014 at 4:15pm I asked the Love of my life to marry me. For the past three plus years of knowing Dakota Whitney, God has drawn us closer together... My dad always told me that relationships worked like a triangle... God is at the top, Koti and I are down at the bottom, as we draw closer to Lord and focus on our relationship with Him, we in turn, draw closer to each other. This has been the hallmark of Dakota and I's journey together. I have never met someone who has challenged me in my spiritual life as much as Koti has. Koti is real, soft and has a genuine love for Jesus Christ.
        I noticed Koti when we first crossed paths in Chicago... our relationship moved from a working relationship to friends as Emails and communication grew. Koti had been through allot in the past, some of her struggles had been my own and together we found ways to work through them with God's help. Both of us love working with youth and have a heart for the young people in our area. Getting to know Koti has opened my eyes to a part of life I didn't know existed... After allot of prayer and times of seeking the Lord I couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else.  So.... I asked her to marry me and thankfully, she said, "Yes."
        I am really grateful to my parents for teaching me the importance of keeping myself for the one I would marry. Also, for their guidance and direction even when I was so bone headed about going my own way... I truly believe that without their influence on my life I would have missed out on God's best for my life. I don't deserve Koti, I thank God every day that she is apart of my life and I look forward to seeing what ways He will use us together to further His ministry. There is so much more I could say...

I love you Koti  xxoo

-7homas <><  Psalm 27

Photo Credit:   
Israel Loc Young Photography