Sunday, October 6, 2013

Back home in OK...

   It's already into October... I feel like it was just last a few weeks ago that I was posting in this month last year. Time goes by so fast. The 2cd of this month was my last day with IBLP. I am officially back home for a short time and looking forward to what God has for me in the near future. As some of you know, I have had some good reasons for leaving IBLP.  1st and foremost, After Praying for a loooong time,  ;)   I feel like this is what God has led me to do. It doesn't all make 100% sense at the moment, but, I feel as though God is calling me to ministry all of its own. Working with young men has been my heart throb for years and working along side IBLP, I have seen allot of young men come and go and God do great things in their lives. It's was truly amazing to see.
       Over the last year, while I was praying about leaving IBLP, I noticed that God did not give me the opportunity to work with groups of young men like he had in the past... However, I was able to work with a single young man. During this time God taught me an incredible amount about working with individuals and finding / meeting needs specifically in a life. I have been so blessed working along side IBLP, I wouldn't trade the last ten years of my life for anything in the world. And while I don't agree with the institute in every little detail, I hold them in very high esteem and am very grateful to God in having the opportunity to work for a ministry that has had one of the most lasting and largest impacts in the world.
        Another reason I was grateful in having worked with the ministry is because that is where I met Dakota.  It has been almost 3 years that I have known Dakota Young and I've had the privilege for working along side her doing conferences every year. She is the biggest blessing that God has given me during my time with IBLP. I look forward to what God will have for us in the near future.    
        Currently, I am at home in OK with my family and I am seeking and waiting on the Lord for the next step. I have the tendency to jump ahead... or assume things that He has for me.. but...   I know that waiting on Him and His direction is the most important thing for me at this time. God has really blessed me in so many ways, I cant even begin to name them all. I have a roof over my head, I have food to eat and I have friends and family that love me and most of all I have a God who cares about His children's every want and need. I want to thank Him for the work He is doing in my life and I am excited to see what He has for me in this next chapter of my life.

Thank you all for praying!  I need it more than you know!  ;)

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-Thomas H