Thursday, August 15, 2013

"...Wherever you are.... be all there..."

        Life has a crazy way of throwing you through a loop, just in general. And for those that don't know God... I wonder how much more stressful it would be. I don't know the last time I wasn't being caught between a rock in a hard place that I wasn't able to just get alone and pray. I feel like this year has been one of the most busy times of my life. Conferences, work, to and from family, friends, travel, you name it, it's happened. maybe it's been that way for everyone.  :)   It's during these times that I just feel like I need to get alone...  get back in touch with who I really am where my true motives lie and spend time with God.  Sooo easy to be distracted by things and latest and greatest and forget or lose sight of the reason God placed us on this earth. To have a relationship with Him and outta that, a true passion for what He calls each of us to do.

        Speaking of passion!  lol  Mine hasn't changed a whole lot over the years. I still have a heart to work with young men and work through more difficult areas of bondage in their lives, helping them to become free and victorious in Christ. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to help with any JTTH's this year. But, while may be closing that door He has been opening other doors in working with young men one on one. I've been excited to see the work He continues to do.  I've been re-reading a book called Freedom in Christ by Neil Anderson dealing with the 7 steps of true freedom. I'm excited to see what the Lord is going to do in the near future.. but I feel like the winds of change are blowing.  ;)

Hope everyone is doing well.  Hope to post more pics later.  but here are a few random ones from my life since the last post.

Right now I'm currently in TN working on learning the art of the Tree Service. Love this work. Cant wait to get out and hit it again.