Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Christmas in OK...

        Home with the family is becoming more and more something I look forward too...  This Christmas was a little different from years past. We had about 20 extra people this time adding a whole new dynamic to the meaning of 'full house'.  :D  It was fun to have the Bates family there and re-learn the meaning of being a night Owl. The mornings were generally quiet and an awesome time to get alone and just seek God for a direction this next year. I'm learning the true meaning of being led by the Holy Spirit. God places different things in your life to guide you along the path. Authorities.. mentors... finances.. ect.  And when all of those seem to be neutral and nonspecific as far direction, it just leaves it to what God leads you as an individual to do. Some of the largest steps of faith are taken when there is none to follow except through His word. I'm praying that this year I would be extra sensitive to His Spirit and asking God to bless me with His wisdom as I make decisions every day.  A man can choose his way,... But it's God who directs his steps (Prov). Among other things... God's been teaching me to give my expectations of the future to Him, learn to be a giver. Ask for the impossible, keep and eternal focus. I look forward to what God is going to be teaching me in this new year... even though I have no clue what it holds.  ;)   May this year be your best yet filled with his mercy which is new every morning great is His faithfulness.

God Bless - 7