Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our friend ... Big Joe ~

        It was a guys night out on the town... doing all that guys do.  ;]  We had a blast with awesome guys all around but one guy that will stand out in all our minds for a long. He was more than just a co-worker and more than just one of the best GA artist's around and yes he was more than just a good friend. He was a brother in Christ and we had the awesome privilege to work with him during his stay at HQ.  He was Joe Altman.

Were all going to miss you man!
God bless this next leg of your journey.

-7 and the gang.
Psalm 37:1-7 <><

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Christmas Conference..... #8

        This was my 8th Christmas conference, and, it was very different from the rest. This week is one that has stood out to me in the past for quite some time. Even though, allot has happened over the past 10 years, memories come back like it happened only yesterday. Faces you see, places you go, smells and even general surroundings trigger memories from the past. Some good and maybe others not so good. God is faithful and I fall on his mercies that are new every morning.
        A I saw familiar faces this past week and new ones as well, I was reminded that God has placed each one of us on this earth for a specific reason. First and foremost is to establish an unbroken relationship with Him. Then, a relationship with others. Out of this, our ministry for vision is born and guided. And to me, Christmas is a time of building earthly relations up, Satan has for so long had me believing that is was one of the worst times of year and yet, that is just like him to work in that way.
        May you be blessed as you seek the Lord this Christmas season and seek to out others above yourself, building those relationships that will last for eternity.

God bless!

-7homas <><
Psalm 37:3-7