Sunday, October 30, 2011

A reason for the lack of posts.. :|

       Not really, I've been bouncing between different projects and activities... but no excuses.  ;)  The Family is packing to leave for our new home in OK. It's official... and the three oldest of the Paine family will be staying behind at the HQ until the end of the year at least. The Family will be gone from IL on the 16th of December.. marking 8 years of ministry with IBLP come February. it's kina hard to believe in a way. God has been so good to our family and has taught us things that we never would have learned anywhere else.
So,... a pretty large change to say the least. I am happy for them.
        We watched a message by Tom Harmon as a staff last night, titled "You can make the choices but you cannot choose the consequences". I've heard it before but it left a pretty big impact on me last night. I realized that at my age and where I'm at, I don't have allot of time to waste and the dream God has given me must be a consuming passion and focus. I'm asking God for the faith to see what, where, when and how he wants me to go about living that dream for Him.
        I don't have allot of pictures to show from the past week. I hope to get some out this next week. Please pray for the Family and the upcomming events and activities. Were going to be needing it in the next few weeks. ;) God Bless untill later...  ;)

-7homas <><
Psaml 37:3-7

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Weekend in the NW

        Annual trip, we love to fish.  :)  but it's a little more than the fish that attracts us year to year. the beauty of NW at this time is amazing. Pictures cannot describe it and words can't really express it. God makes everything beautiful for sure. Seeking the Lord in this type of environment can come easier it seems or maybe that's just because NW has a special place in my heart. Kina weird I guess you could say but that's just how I feel about it. I hope it won't be long before I can go back and spend a weekend up in the NW.

-7homas <><
Psalm 37:3-7