Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6 down and 3 to go!!!

        Last week it was one adventure to pack up and get everything ready for the VA convention.... it was a whole different adventure once we got there... having lived in a high rise apartment in downtown Indianapolis you would think that /i would feel right at home.... but for some reason the city of Richmond VA gave me the creeeps like none other. (no offense to VA dwellers) It highly reminded me of the west side of Indy or the southern suburbs of Chicago. That being said, there was still quite a large group of homeschooling families that met for their convention downtown.  ;) And God certainly blessed the contacts!

Please pray for us as we turn right around and head out for Denver CO tomorrow... there is still allot of work that needs to happen between now and then.   ( little note...  some of the shots are edited.. I was just havin fun in pi casa...  ;)   )

God bless you all!

-7homas <><
Psalm 61:1-3


On the way home we traveled through the legendary Shenandoah Valley....  Beautiful!

Monday, June 6, 2011

5 down 4 to go!!! ;)

We have successfully passed our half way point in the conference season!  whoop whoop!  Way to go team. (high 5's all around ).   ;D  God has richly blessed in the last few weeks as we quickly prepared for the conference in Nashville, even though this conference was logistically a challenging one, God's grace held us through till the end. It's such a blessing to be able to work with a staff that desires the best for the families that attend. I was able to meet up with allot of people that I had met last year. All in all, everything went smoothly.

Slightly before and after the conference we my family and I had a grand time at the Bates family lodge in East Tennessee! What an awesomely fun family!! I was able to live a child hood dream and climb to the top of one the taller mountains in the Smokey's, then actually live to tell the tale.  ;) the Bates were so kind and hospitable and we were treated like royalty! We had a blast with all the different activities that went on. This will definitely be a time to remember and I'm looking forward to good times ahead! God really spoke to my heart powerfully through Mr. Bates when he shared a message with a neighboring church about being a "Daniel" in our present world. I really needed to hear it. I was truly blessed by this past weeks events and I hope you were in some way too. God bless you all!  :D

~7homas Psalm 61:1-3

Conference pics - Nashville 2011

At the Bates!
The Bates Family Lodge
A complicated game of sardines...  ;)
Two pros and high competition...!
 A tough game of Jailhouse
Horse Rides!
And lots of these games...
Mr. Bates owns a Tree business...
Late night.... (early morning)  ROOK Games...  ;)
just a little higher guys...
watch your step!!
...fun with guns...

the wee hopper!