Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cool and Crisp ~

The heart of fall is upon us! the temperatures are cooling rapidly and the leaves have almost all fallen.
Warm evening fires, good books, coffee, family holidays and friends make times like these pleasant memories for us to hold onto. Being my second favorite season of the year, I try to get out of doors as much as possible. Sometimes long days at the office make that a little less than a prayer but, I try to make every moment count when I can.
This past week I was able to do a shoot of the Journey to the Heart office and team. It was pretty cold that morning and really nobody should have been out for very long but we had fun! Below are some shots of the team, none have been edited, just some were cropped but just throwing them up there for all to see!  Enjoy!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bible Bee...

It was neat to be able to be apart of the National Bible Bee this past weekend... It was held here in Shaumburg IL, at the Renaissance Hotel. It was really incredible to see all the Kids that had memorized over 800 verses be at this competition. I know that there was only one grand prize winner, God looks at the heart and every single one of the participants will be blessed and rewarded in ways that they will never imagine.

~7homas  <><

Here are some quick snap Pictures of the place where we set up,

Friday, November 12, 2010


               This weekend has brought back a flood of memories from over the past 8 months...  Book sales and all it's vigor...  good times and great memories...  It's also been a tough three weeks and it seems to be a challenge every day. But God is faithful.

             Walking out the door this morning I just realized how much I still dislike 'dress up', I still can't believe I'm working in an office for 8+ hours a day an I can't believe that I actually can still function with 2500 people swarming around me...   ;)  God is still good!    These last 7 years have been years of training trial and testing. A time of shaping of ideas and a time of refocusing on the Lord. And now is no different. I realize that I am free in Christ and that has taken on a whole new meaning... Sometimes I feel like a tracked man but, God is my fortress and my stronghold and my very present help in trouble...

              ..."There is nothing to lose when you've held back nothing"...

~7homas  <><  Psalm 61:1-3

Friday, November 5, 2010

~Tougher times and the dawning of new ideas...

This past week and half came and left like a whirlwind... Not able to go to Peru and hearing all the great testimonies when the others returned, made me really think...  God obviously had different plans and I was able to go up to the North Woods to think and pray it through. It was a great time just to seek Him and just asking what my next step would be ... but it was like, He just wanted me to wait. Wait on Him for the next step and not to rush anything through. 
 After this past week of what seemed like test after test, God really hit something home to me... I am His,... I can do nothing of myself only in His power for His glory. My very thoughts and actions should be His too, so no matter what comes my way, "feast or famine", I'm still His child and should respond as He desires and do what He tells me to do...   So simple yet very, very hard to do sometimes..,and you know what! I'm still learning! lol, so life goes on! In His strength and His way.

But that's not all, through a time of what seemed to be test over trial! God rekindled a fire in me for a vision He planted in my heart awhile back! We'll see what God does here in the near future! All prayers excepted!   ;)

~7homas <><