Sunday, October 24, 2010

Closed doors... Answered prayer...

God works in mysterious ways... and one day when we get to our eternal dwelling place, we'll understand what He was thinking when and why He planned it this way. Just learning to trust in His almighty hand is easier said than done, it's an act of devotion and faith. And I cant help but to say with the disciples... "Lord increase my faith!" 

~7homas  <><   Psalm 25

Monday, October 18, 2010


          One of the four seasons that I really love is Fall... the crunching of leaves beneath your feet,... the crisp smell and cool air in your face...  The whole atmosphere of gearing up for change and rest. the process of shedding old leaves in preparation for new leaves in the spring... new life on its way. 
          I really feel like that is what God has been teaching me these last few weeks in a way, understanding that change is a way of life. Seasons in our lives that bring change and help us and prepare us for new life, the life that we can live more abundantly in Him.

~7homas  <><
Psalm 61:1-3


Monday, October 11, 2010

NWCC ...

         They say Home is where the heart is... and I say their right. I had the awesome opportunity to go up and be with my brothers for a week in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was simply amazing. God taught me some truths this week that I'll never forget,..I don't have allot to say,.. except I wish I was still there. Here's some pics from the trip. Enjoy!  - Psalm 61:1-3

~7homas  <><